current Projects

Human Capital Development:

  • YoProTT: YoPro's Trinidad and Tobago program has engaged over 3,000 young professionals in two years in professionalism programs and entrepreneurship activities. A community of engaged young professionals continues to be the objective. In 2015, YoPro launched a re-designed Producers' Program to use Experiential Education to shape young professionals in the area of Teamwork, Leadership, Project Management and Communication.
  • To learn more about YoPro and the YoPro Guys, visit:

Infrastructure & Community Development:

  • Completed: Seed Round raise for Technology Company (Social Network)
  • Completed: Commercial funding and wealth enhancement monetization
  • ($19M) Branded Caribbean hotel (Finance) 
  • ($64M) Business hotel and conference center (Finance)
  • ($2.5M) International SBLC issuance (Finance)
  • ($500M) International Bank Guarantee Transaction (Monetization)
  • On-going: ($1.5B) Capital investment in a Waste-to-Energy eco-system with a repeatable model (Finance)
  • On-going: Acquisition or investment in an LPG plant operation in the Caribbean (Investment/ Acquisition)
  • On-going: ($5M) Seed funding to scale a promising business operating in the Caribbean, regionally (Investment)
  • On-going: Energy Investment Projects totaling ($2.7B)
  • On-going: Hospitality Investment Projects totaling ($380M)

We offer a wide range of consulting and business services to organizations of varying sizes. Our solutions focus on investment in human capital and the synthesis of messaging, as well as the development of communities through trade and infrastructure.

"​Ours is not to simply bring developed-nation technology or capital to an emerging market and simply deliver the tools for change. Ours is a holistic vision of engaging a region of the world, and investing in people, business and communities to in fact, effect positive change that will be engrained in generations to come, and provide the foundation for stability, freedom and wealth creation for all".

~ Dr. Ty Richardson

Managing Director

​One Global Index Consulting Ltd.

who we are

Where the developed world has experienced success through technology, innovation and funding, our goal is to engage emerging markets and provide access to those very resources to support their development in this global marketplace.

​Human Capital Development

As specialists in the Experience Economy, we use experiential design to create experiences, as well as facilitate the synthesis of information and brand messaging for our clients. Our programs are designed to incorporate the client's target market into the project planning and execution, and to provide the client and the audience with a memorable experiences that engages and excites them, no matter the topic.

CORPORATE Development

Companies in an emerging market are often desirous of accessing larger and more profitable markets for investment, supply chain management and to attract new clients. With OGIC's Investment Services, we can now provide organizations throughout the Caribbean with access to capital markets anywhere, and ensure that companies are prepared to compete for raising capital at a global level.

Infrastructure & Community Development

Connecting people to people, and businesses to businesses, has opened up a world of opportunities for us. With access to key decision-makers worldwide, and the latest trends in technology, innovation and financing, we invest in the communities we serve and support those very communities with access to all types of capital (human and technological etc.), in order to meet the needs of their citizens.

our practice areas

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global human capital and infrastructure development

we believe in investing in emerging markets that represent the best hope for our future as a globe.